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noun a large number of people gathered together in a disorganized or unruly way.
verb (a number of people) fill (a space) almost completely, leaving little or no room for movement.

Full Service Cyber Security and Marketing Consultancy

Just imagine all the data in the world gathering together in one space. This space would be completely packed with endless log files, posts, hashtags, keywords, videos and so on. Now picture yourself in that room with a strategic cyber security or marketing question. Where do you begin? How do you find your answer? Who can guide you? Basically; how do you know where to look when there is so much information out there?

Allright, now picture a familiar face in this crowdy space. That’s us!

What does that mean? Well, first and foremost we want to guide you through the competitor landscape and give you strategic advice on where to find your answers. We want to tell you what works best for your organization and equally important, what doesn’t work.

We also aim to have fun in this process. There’s no reason why cyber security and marketing content has to be dry or boring. Getting your organization to a higher maturity level should always be a manageable, informative and amusing experience.

Things we write about.

Google changes its search algorithm on a daily basis, which usually isn’t much of a big deal. However, when they announce a major algorithmic change with a corresponding name every website owner sure becomes a little nervous about their SERP rankings. So what exactly does Google Fred and more importantly does your website meets Fred’s criteria?

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No matter what companies do, some phishing emails will always make it to their employees inbox. Unfortunately, these messages can have far-reaching and mostly financial consequences. Even for a trained eye it’s sometimes difficult to identify a sophisticated phishing email. However, these 6 tips should help you identify what is real and what is not.

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Cyber security isn’t just a technical issue. People are one of the biggest risks to your organization’s information security. It’s not without reason there is a saying: “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”. A security awareness program is a way to ensure that everyone at your company has an appropriate level of know-how about security. 

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Things we can help you with.

Cyber Security Advisor

The Cyber Security Advisory services helps organisations and individuals with emerging threats and risk specific to their business needs.  We help to better understand and adopt a cyber security strategy by structuring the security lifecycle and plan an ongoing program for improvement.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Managing risk is a process that assesses the exposure to potentially harmful situations. The combination of both assessment and mitigation gives the best of both worlds. Based on real-life experiences we can immediately address and improve mission critical risks and continue to focus 

Security Awareness

It is difficult to defend yourself against something that you are oblivious of its existence. The people must be really aware of different types of threats to both physical and information security.

Marketing Strategy

How can a digital marketing strategy help you meet your business goals? What tactics are you using and how can we optimize these tactics to drive new business?​

Search Engine Marketing

Do you need more visibility in Google? We know how you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s teach and help you with both SEO and SEA to achieve a higher ranking.

Case Study and Copywriting

A case study is an effective B2B and B2C content marketing tactic. We help you create an engaging case study and successfully add it to your marketing strategy.​

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